Baby Sock Cupcake: a Unique Baby Gift


A sock cupcake? Is it edible or is it something you can wear, you may ask? Well it’s definitely not edible but it is deliciously cute and it would make an unusual and memorable gift for a new baby.

Baby Hamper Gifts’ sock cupcakes comprise one adorable hand-crafted pair of baby socks which are placed in a reusable silicone ‘cupcake’ mould. This gorgeous silicone cupcake is embellished with a small decorative flower, comes wrapped in cellophane and is tied up with coordinating ribbons and a gift tag.

This unique baby gift is available in three different colours – pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or a neutral lemon.

Perfect for…

Costing just £2.99, a baby sock cupcake would make a great gift for anyone not wanting to spend a fortune on a present for the new baby.

This utterly adorable gift would also be perfect for those wanting to give a truly unique present which will stand out from the myriad baby grows, bibs, teddy bears and baby rompers which new mums and dads are showered with.

Avoid if…

The Baby Sock Cupcake might be perfect for someone wanting to give the baby a ‘little something’ but if you’re looking for a more substantial gift, one of Baby Hamper Gifts’ cupcake gift sets would be more appropriate.

baby-unisex-clothing-cupcake-gift-setFor example, the baby clothing cupcake gift set will provide a baby with a comprehensive wardrobe to start his or her life. The set includes two cotton body suits, two cotton bibs which are crafted to look like cupcakes and two pairs of socks also cunningly disguised as cupcakes. This ingenious baby set ‘cupcake’ also includes two wash cloths made to look like rose buds. All these adorable baby items come inside one big cupcake box.

This is a unique and precious gift for a baby where the handcrafted silicon mould can be reused or used as a decoration in the nursery, where it is guaranteed to put a smile on a parent’s face. A baby sock cupcake gift certainly won’t disappoint.


Bearing Up: What to Look for When Choosing a Teddy Bear for Your Infant

baby-boy-teddyIn the early 1900s, the teddy bear was developed simultaneously by the German toymaker, Richard Steiff and the American toymaker Morris Michtom. Named after the US president, Theodore Roosevelt (commonly known as ‘Teddy’), the teddy bear became an iconic children’s toy and it remains so today. Teddy bears have never looked back and remain a favourite toy for babies, children and adults alike.

Babies seem to love the soft feel of a teddy bear. These cuddly, comforting toys make a great gift for newborn babies or for the child’s first few birthdays and Christmases. If you are thinking about buying a baby a teddy bear as a gift, take a look at the following aspects you should consider.

Safety first

Naturall,y when you give a baby something to cuddle up to or play with you want to know that the item is 100% safe. Just like any other toy manufactured, all teddy bears must conform to the essential safety requirements in the Toy Safety Regulations. These regulations are mostly directed at toy manufacturers that make toys on a large scale. Of course many people like to make their own teddies and other soft animals, so if you do buy a teddy bear from a craft fair or a market, just check with the seller that they were aware of their responsibilities when they made the toy.

Babies can’t seem to resist pulling on the harder objects that protrude from soft toys, such as eyes, noses and other potentially removable facial features. Such items could prove dangerous if a baby pulled them off and put them in their mouth. When choosing a teddy for an infant it is therefore important to check that features like button eyes and noses are fastened on securely.

Traditional versus modern

rose-bearWhether you opt for a traditional teddy bear like the Luxury Honey Sitting Bear by Suki  or for a more modern teddy bear like the Baby Boy Teddy, which has the words ‘Baby Boy’ embroidered across each foot, is up to your own personal preference. Modern teddy bears tend to have smaller noses but larger eyes and foreheads than their traditional siblings. Traditional bears are more likely to have beady eyes, extended snouts and longer arms and legs.

Whether you decide to buy a baby a traditional or modern bear is entirely up to you, just as long as it’s soft, warm and snuggly, the baby is likely to love it.


One of the principle reasons people like to buy teddy bears for babies is because it provides them with something soft to cuddle up to and play with. Teddies are manufactured from a range of materials, including synthetic fabrics, mohair and with different depth of fur. As some fabrics are softer than others, when choosing a teddy for a baby, look for one with soft fur that will help make them feel comforted and warm. While mohair is widely considered to be the “Rolls Royce” of teddy bear fur, it is not the softest of options and might look great on a bear collector’s mantelpiece but would be less appropriate in a little one’s playpen. By contrast, synthetic fur might not be the ‘peach’ of teddy bear fur but it is often the softest, making the bear in question perfect for baby to grasp, squeeze and cuddle.



While the teddy bears of yesteryear might have been made in brown of varying shades, today’s teddies come in a whole host of colours. Teddy bears in pink that are designed specifically for a baby girl are a popular choice. Being super soft, a pretty shade of pink, wearing a ribbon bow tie and with the words ‘Baby Girl’ embroidered across its feet, the Baby Girl Teddy makes the perfect gift for an infant girl.

If you’d prefer to give a baby a more traditional teddy, bears in brown, like the Rose Bear, with its elegant soft rose-style fur and bright red ribbon would make a great traditional gift.

Bears for a teddy bears’ picnic


If you’re buying a teddy for an older baby or a toddler, you may want to consider choosing one that’s designed for a teddy bears’ picnic. For example, the Baby Boy Angel Bear by Bukowski Design has blue wings and a matching scarf. Made using only the softest and highest quality of fabrics, this cute teddy bear is crying out to be snuggled up to or to be an attentive guest at a picnic party.

Whatever size, shape, colour or style of teddy you opt for, these loveable furry friends make great gifts for children who will love and adore them – possibly for a lifetime.


Product Review: Nappy Cakes

baby-girl nappy cake

When you think about buying a gift for a newborn baby, gorgeous tiny clothes, soft cuddly toys and adorable shoes, bonnets and bibs immediately spring to mind. ‘Nappy Cakes’ are unlikely to be in your immediate baby gift radar. They certainly have an intriguing name but what exactly are ‘Nappy Cakes’ and do they make a good baby gift?

Baby Hamper Gift’s Nappy Cakes are basically pretty, delicate and handmade hampers that comprise of essential items for baby, such as nappies, socks, soft toys, bibs, socks and blankets, to name just a few. These nappy bags come in various tiers, ranging from Mini, Single Tier, 2 Tier and Tier 3 and the Tailor Made Tier. The different tiers typically denote how many items are contained in each Nappy Bag, as well as their value and worth.  As its name suggests, the Tailor Made choice means that you can pick and choose what items go inside a Nappy Cake, which is built on your individual requirements.

Nappy Cakes are available in pink, blue or neutral colours. These unusual gifts feature a wide range of themed gift sets, such as a ‘bath and bedtime’ set and a ‘Winnie the Poo teether set’.

Perfect for….

These innovative gift sets are perfect for those who just can’t decide what to buy a baby. Comprising of nappies, teethers and other ‘essentials’, they are also great for anyone looking for an unusual yet practical gift for a baby. For grandparents, aunts, uncles, or anyone wanting to send the new baby a personalised present, in being able to choose and add individual items, Baby Cakes are a great choice of gift.

Being available in a wide spectrum of prices, ranging from £17.99 to £58.99, these unique Baby Hamper Gift ideas cater for a diverse range of budgets.

Avoid if….

If you would prefer to send baby just one special item then Nappy Cakes should be avoided.

To conclude, these unique baby gifts will certainly stand out in the memorable stakes and being both practical and unusual, are  refreshingly good value for money.


Making Sure Mum Isn’t Left Out…


By the time she goes into a labour, a woman’s uterus is about 15 times heavier than its pre-pregnancy weight. Within minutes after the baby is born, contractions cause the womb to start shrinking back to its normal size. Meanwhile, Mum is oblivious to how hard her uterus is working, she is preoccupied with the caring for the bundle of joy she has in her arms. With feeding to establish, a sleep routine to implement and a constant stream of ‘baby visitors’ to attend to, Mum has a lot to contend with; her own body, sleep and emotions will have to wait.

A baby being born is naturally a joyous occasion and is one that should be cherished and savoured by everyone involved. With such elation and unswerving attention being given to the baby, it is fairly common to forget about Mum.

Having nurtured a foetus for months, having gone through labour and now having the primary responsibility of the baby, if anyone deserves some attention, it’s Mum.

So how do dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings and friends ensure that Mum isn’t left out?


Breakfast in bed

There is nothing quite as thoughtful yet simple as giving someone breakfast in bed. It is natural for the parents of newborn babies to have extremely disrupted nights’ sleep. One consequence of their lack of sleep can be to try and get some precious shut-eye in the morning and forgo breakfast.

This is when your gesture of breakfast in bed will be welcomed with open arms.  Whether you are the partner of the new mum wanting to show your appreciation and help your spouse regain some strength, or are the child’s grandmother trying to make life easier for your daughter and son-in-law, presenting a tray comprising of fresh fruit, a bowl of healthy cereal and scrambled eggs on toast, will go a long way in giving Mum a more energetic start to the day.


Batch cooking

And it’s not just breakfast that super-busy modern mums can have a tendency to forgo. With a baby to feed, bottles to sterilise, bedding to wash and a million other things to do, it’s not uncommon that new mums forget to feed themselves.

You can ensure that Mum doesn’t miss out on eating by cooking food for her. One pot cooking often works well when making large batches of food. Dishes such as homemade beef stew, vegetable chilli and sausage casserole will ensure energy-deprived mums get a healthy source of nutrition. Simply put numerous portions into plastic freezer containers, label them up so Mum knows what she’s eating, pop them in her freezer and have peace of mind that at least she’ll be having one nutritious meal a day.


A romantic meal

New dads can help their partners feel more loved and valuable by preparing a romantic meal. Let your spouse put her feet up while you get busy in the kitchen. Make the occasion that bit more special and a reminder of your pre-baby days by accompanying the food with a decent bottle of chilled champagne. Moet and Chandon Champagne would do the occasion the justice it deserves, perfect for a romantic dinner and to toast the arrival of the baby. Of course unlike pre-baby days when you might have easily polished off the whole bottle, going overboard with alcohol is no longer an option. Your partner is however likely to appreciate the gesture of champagne and a romantic meal, even if it is just a couple of mouthfuls.


Give Mum a gift

With adorable sleepsuits of every shape, size and colour taking over your living room and cute and cuddly teddy bears dominating the nursery, the amount of gifts a baby gets showered with can be astounding.

To make sure that Mum isn’t left out sending her a gift would be a kind and honourable gesture. What could make a more luxurious gift that a quality box of chocolates? For example, Duc D’O Finest Belgian Chocolates that includes 18 mouth-watering and utterly diverse chocolates will ensure Mum gets some TLC she deserves.

When you give Mum the lavish box of chocolates, encourage her to sit down with her feet up to eat them by making her a cup of tea or a mug of drinking chocolate.


Time for some serious pampering

If you are serious about pampering the new mum why not give her the ultimate indulging gift – Aromatherapy massage oils? These luxurious oils help relax and calm the body and will help soothe away all the aches and pains of labour and the inevitable anxiety that comes hand in hand with caring for a newborn baby. Even better, any dads giving their partners this relaxing gift, make sure you pick a time when the baby is sleeping soundly and massage the oil into your loved one yourself.

They say being a parent is the toughest job in the world, particularly for many first time parents who have little or no experience on caring for a baby. Giving Mum the TLC she thoroughly deserves will make sure that she doesn’t feel left out and she can enjoy these precious years with her baby to the maximum.


Why Keep a Book of Your Baby’s First Years?


Keeping a baby book is something that a lot of parents think is a great idea for the first few weeks of their baby’s life but it soon falls by the wayside when they get preoccupied by everyday life and forget to update it as regularly as they should. However, although there are no hard and fast reasons as to why you should keep a baby book it makes a great keepsake r to hand over to your child when they’re older and provides answers when they ask you what they were like as a baby.

Through the first few weeks of your new baby’s life you’ll want to keep absolutely everything, including all of the cards that you receive, everything they touch, and gifts from well-wishers. However, it’s impossible to keep everything purely because there’s so much of it. Having a baby book or keeping a journal of your baby’s first year makes it easy to record the things that are most important.

New parents hand on to all kinds of things from the early days of their child’s life, from documents recording important information like the exact date and time that they were born, how much they weighed, their height and head circumference, to even the umbilical cord when it finally drops off!! As well as this, many people also use baby books to record the date that their baby first smiled, said their first word, and finally started to crawl and walk alone.

There are a huge number of baby books, boxes and keepsakes out there intended to help parents collect and chronologically order everything from their child’s first few years and each of them encourage their owners to carry on adding to them over time with slots for pictures from each birthday and spaces to write any important dates.

As well as the things that you’re encouraged to record there are also plenty of spaces for you to save any extras. Rather than documenting anything and everything and ending up with a baby book in years to come that isn’t so special, here are the things that you should definitely keep that will make a great book of memories for the future:


Hospitals used to take the footprints of every new born baby and give them to the parents when they left the maternity wardl, however nowadays they don’t but  baby’s footprints are a great thing to have and to keep so that you can look back, when they’re all grown up, at how small they used to be. Although hospitals don’t do this anymore it’s really easy to take  baby’s footprints yourself by using a non-toxic, washable ink pad available from any stationery store.

Hospital Items

During your time in the hospital you’ll be given a number of items – when expectant mothers first go into labour an identification band will be placed around the wrist and when baby is born they’ll be given one too – although theirs will be much smaller. These are great keepsakes as a size comparison of how big Mum’s wrist is compared to the newborn’s. Mother is likely to be given a hat or blanket at the hospital too and these are great to keep, along with the small measuring tape which shows exactly how long your little one was when they were born.

Family Photo

Throughout a child’s baby years, parents will take hundreds if not thousands of photos but they can’t all go in the baby book. One that most parents will want to keep in in there is the first family photo to include the new addition to the family.

Growth Records

Baby’s growth records are something to treasure because they provide a detailed chart of exactly how quickly newborns grew in both height and weight, providing something parents can whip out in the future when their offspring tower above them as an adult.

There are so many things that make perfect additions to a baby book or box but be careful not to get too carried away as you could end up saving everything,  making the important things seem insignificant.


The Importance of Talking to Your Child Properly From Infancy


You’ll see a lot of new parents out there cooing and babbling to newborns, but is this necessarily the best thing to do in order to teach language skills?. In some respects the answer is ‘yes’ – waiting for them to finish babbling before you add your piece and then allowing them to go again instils an appreciation of turn taking – a common rule of politeness in all conversation.

Although you probably think that you’d sound ridiculously stupid having a real conversation with a child who can respond with nothing other than the odd coo or babble, you’re benefitting them in more ways than you can imagine. Not only are you teaching them the conventions of conversation but you’re also helping with the development of their language skills.

Words play a huge part in a child’s comprehension and the development of their communication skills, and even before they can talk you’ll start to notice that they’re familiar with certain words and even recognise what they mean. If you don’t talk to your child then their development will be much slower than a child who has been spoken to throughout their infancy.

There has been a lot of research conducted into children’s acquisition of language, investigating the different speeds and depth of the mental development of children who learn from words and children who learn using sounds. One study found that when two groups of children were shown a picture of the same fish for the same period of time, the group of children who had seen the picture and heard a word at the same time were then able to identify more pictures of fish whereas the group of children who had seen the original picture accompanied by a sound were unable to identify any other pictures of fish.

The study was conducted by Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and Susan Hespos, one of the authors of the study and an associate professor of psychology. Hespos claims that “for infants as young as 3 months of age, words exert a special influence that supports the ability to form a category.”

Directing proper speech at young children helps them become familiar and more aware of their surroundings as well as aiding their language development. Having a conversation using real words with your child doesn’t have to be as strange as it sounds, merely identifying objects in a room and then giving them a chance to respond will help with their development and you are likely to find that when your child does start to talk, their vocabulary will be advanced for their years.


The Best Keepsakes for a Child’s Birth


There are so many gifts out there that can be presented to new parents on the birth of their baby but it can be hard to choose something that will be cherished given that everyone from relatives to neighbours will want to get in on the action.

Although gift vouchers for baby stores, clothes and even practical stuff like nappies, bottles and dummies will all come in useful, babies quickly grow and therefore these sorts of gifts will become redundant fairly quickly.

If you want to present a gift that will be treasured for years to come then, a baby book would be an obvious suggestion as it allows parents to collect mementos from their child’s early years that can be used as a sentimental reminder/source of embarrassment to adult children. A silver spoon is also popular thanks to the suoerstitions connotations the artefact has (said to bring luck and properity).

Alternatively you could choose a child’s dinner set which pictures popular children’s characters such as Winnie the Pooh which they can still enjoy when they get a bit older, or even a money box that parents can start a savings fund for their little one from day one.


Effective Ways to Teach Your Child From Birth


It’s probably surprising to hear that children learn from the moment they’re born. In fact, they’re even learning while they’re in the womb – have you noticed that your baby is able to distinguish your voice from anyone else’s?

Infants undergo many stages of learning just as they do stages of growth and as your baby reaches each milestone, the way that they learn will change. From birth to six months old babies learn a lot through their sense of touch using it as a language.

Through the feeling of touch (via feeding for example) babies will learn to trust the people around them, particularly the people who see to their needs regularly. The development of trust is really important for a baby as it gives them the confidence they need to begin crawling and walking.

Between the ages of six and fifteen months babies will start to move around independently and explore a little more. Although they all do this at different ages, when they do start to want their own independence you’ll see their self-confidence rise dramatically.

Don’t worry when they start touching everything and putting things in their mouth either because this is how they learn so make sure their environment is safe enough.


Decorating a Nursery When You Don’t Know the Gender of Your Baby


If you choose not to find out the gender of your baby then  it can be a little difficult to decide on a colour that will be suitable for both genders when it comes to decorating a nursery. Follow these tips however and the pain of creating the perfect nursery for your little bundle of joy should disappear straight away…

  • Although you’ll probably have to buy the majority of nursery accessories such as a cot, bedding and paint before the child’s birth, you can leave a few of the smaller items until afterwards. This means that gender specific accessories like lamp shades and rugs can be added to complement the base colour that you’ve chosen.
  • When you mention a gender neutral nursery most people assume green, yellow and cream, but grey is becoming a popular option too. Although at first you’ll probably frown and assume that it’s an awfully drab, dull colour to subject a new baby to,  it actually looks great and is definitely worth considering. You should avoid having every accessory in grey though – if the walls are grey then consider white, yellow, green or even orange accessories to add variation.
  • A baby’s attention needs to be engaged and their minds stimulated  – this can all be done with decoration. Something as simple as a wall mural or wall stickers will help to engage a baby’s attention and aid their development.
  • Although essentially the room is for your baby, you should decorate with you in mind too because it’s going to be you who spends a lot of time in there. You have to remember that your baby has no appreciation of style, so it;’s ok to exert a little of your own influence so that you feel at home and comfortable.

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