The Exciting New Arrival

Celebrate the exciting new arrival with a present that both parents and child will love. Parents to be are typically inundated with unimaginative gifts. But there are plenty more original ideas for baby shower gifts that will not only stand out, but can also treat the mother to be and newborn baby and make new parents’ lives that bit easier.

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Best Baby Shower Gifts

The newborn baby is on its way, so it’s time to celebrate! With our list of practical, yet adorable gifts, every mum to be will want you at their baby showers. Gather your girlfriends, cut the cake and feast your eyes on these cute baby shower gift ideas for new mums and their newborn baby’s. We have you covered from baby hampers, gift box sets to nappy cakes. If you have very specific gifts in mind, why not create your own hamper from our extensive range…

Tips For New Parents

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Bonding with the Newborn

When experts talk about bonding, they’re referring to the intense attachment you develop with your newborn baby. It’s the feeling that makes you want to shower him with love and affection, or throw yourself in front of a speeding truck to protect him.

For some parents, this takes place within the first few days – or even minutes – of birth. For others, it takes a little longer. In the past, researchers who studied the process thought it was crucial to spend a lot of time with your newborn during his first few days to establish a bond right away.

But now we know that bonding can take place over time. Parents who are separated from their babies soon after delivery for medical reasons, or who adopt their kids later in childhood also develop close, loving relationships.

Create Your Own Hamper

Send one of our beautiful baby gift baskets, or if you have time you can also create your own bespoke basket through our Create Your Own hamper Department! Include presents for the newborn baby and treats for the new Mum and Dad too. Click on the “Create Your Own Baby Hamper” image to get started.

Planning What to Include in Your Custom Baby Hamper

custom baby hampersWhen looking to create your own custom baby hamper, such freedom of choice can make it difficult to know where to start. You know you want to give a gift that shows real thought and sentiment, but with literally limitless scope, where on Earth to begin?

Well, take it from the experts when it’s said that just as long as you tick the following boxes, yours will be a gift that’s both cherished and remembered for all the right reasons:

Something Practical

First up, never overlook the importance of practical gifts for both parents and baby alike. There are certain things you simply can never have enough of – baby blankets, bibs, socks, towels and so on. As part of a custom hamper, you could consider personalising a few practical basics to transform them into infinitely more meaningful gift items.

Something Luxurious

Right on the other end of the scale, you might also want to ensure you add at least one little luxury to your basket for baby’s enjoyment. Anything from the cutest soft-cotton bathrobe to a Johnson & Johnson bath time gift set is guaranteed to fit the bill just perfectly. Chances are baby will already be spoilt rotten, but this doesn’t mean you can’t spoil him even more!

Something Unique

The very best thing about creating custom baby gifts is that each and every one of them is absolutely unique. Simply by adding your own personal message to a baby-grow, cuddly toy, pillow, blanket or anything else, you immediately transform the ordinary into something truly extraordinary. And as fully personalised gifts are just as affordable as those you’d grab off any standard store shelf, it simply makes sense to go the extra mile.

Something to Hold Onto

Along with practical essentials and indulgences, the perfect baby hamper will also always include something of a keepsake to hold onto for life. Universally welcome unisex gift ideas like money boxes, picture frames and even customised cuddly toys are just the kinds of things baby boys and girls can grow up with. You never know, they might even pass them on to their own kids one day!

Something for Mum

Last but not least, there’s really no better time to show that proud new mum just how much she also deserves a treat – why not add a little surprise to your gift basket? From decadent chocolates to Champagne to cuddly toys of her own, show mum just how much she’s appreciated and what a great job she’s doing with something special!

Musical Teddy on Rocking Horse- Pink

The Many Ways You Can Announce Your Pregnancy during the Holidays

Christmas, what better time to announce something special? Something that’s as special as your pregnancy, for instance. After all, Christmas is the time for love and giving gifts to loved ones. There is no better gift than making your big announcement right on the most cherished day of the year. Everyone’s bound to appreciate that and be happy for you, none so more so than your partner.

After you’ve decided to announce during the holiday, you now need to decide on how to do it. Below are some clever ideas that you might find useful for a photo announcement.

winter picnic

  • Announce it while you’re off on a winter picnic. There’s no cooler way to do it than while on a relaxing activity with family and/or friends.outdoor ornament
  • Make the announcement using an outdoor ornament. This would be really nice if you already got a name picked for your baby.Christmas tune quote
  • A Christmas tune quote. Subtlety is the name of the game here when you drop the hint by quoting a beloved holiday tune.chalkboard baby
  • Let the world know using a chalkboard. This might seem a little too simple, but when you consider the nature of what’s written down, everyone who reads it is still bound to get excited.illustrated pregnancy announcement
  • How about an illustrated pregnancy announcement? You can get yourself and your partner depicted in a cute and clever drawing accompanied by the ticket invitations
  • Do it by sending out party ticket invitations. It would be cool and nice to send out these tickets to family and friends in order to make the reveal. You could even include the baby’s gender if it’s already known.Surprise in a box
  • Surprise in a box. A box containing a surprise message is a nice way of announcing, especially if the recipients of the boxes are totally Christmas tree
  • A tree with a bit of humour in it. It involves a “baby” Christmas tree and a sign that says that the couple will soon be a “family of tree”. Pun was definitely intended boots
  • How about saying it with some mini boots? Those cute, irresistible, and oh so small booties are surely going to do the trick of announcing the great news to everyone.10
  • A sonogram to say it all. You can have a photo taken of you and your loved one while you’re both holding the first ever image of your sweet little bundle of joy.


All of the ways mentioned here are certainly very nice and we at Baby Hampers Gifts like every single one. We love babies too, which is why we have joined with some of the finest suppliers of newborn gifts for babies here in the UK. Our wide selection of items includes luxury baby hampers and many more.

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The Ultimate Pregnancy To-Do List

pregnantPregnancy is a most wonderful thing. It is right to be considered a miracle. Imagine a new life growing and developing right inside of you! The situation provides an unmatched level of excitement and anticipation for both you and your partner. There are so many things to consider, but the most important thing is to make sure that you and your child are safe.

To help make sure that your pregnancy is on the right track, you need to make a list. But it shouldn’t be just any list – it needs to be the ultimate pregnancy to-do list. You can use it as a guide during your pregnancy and ensure that your pregnancy is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

First Trimester

This is your checklist for your first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Take your vitamins (prenatal)
  • Choose your caregiver and consult about what medications you should take
  • Eat as well as possible and avoid dangerous food
  • Quit smoking and alcohol
  • Learn what the signs of prenatal problems are
  • Talk to your partner about becoming parents
  • Prepare a baby budget

Second Trimester

These are some of the things that you have to do for the second trimester.

  • Find out about second trimester prenatal checks and visits
  • Start buying maternity clothes
  • Talk to your partner if you want to find out about the sex of your baby
  • Consider child birth classes
  • Learn more about planning financially for your childbirth
  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  • Perform stretching exercises
  • Monitor your weight gain

Third Trimester

The following is your checklist for the third trimester.

  • Find out about third trimester prenatal tests and visits
  • Select a doctor for your child
  • Monitor your baby’s movements
  • Learn about the different stages of labour
  • Start reading about baby care
  • Enjoy a relaxing stretch
  • Stay relaxed even when you go past your due date

You need to be careful about your pregnancy and this list will help you do it. We at Baby Hampers Gifts want only the best for you and your baby so we recommend that you follow it closely. We’ve joined forces with the best suppliers in the UK to make sure that what we offer is the finest newborn gifts for both baby boys and girls. Choose from our many quality products such as our baby hamper gifts, new mum hamper, cotton baby hats, and many more.

New Baby Checklist

new babyThe arrival of a new baby in the family is a great time for everyone. There are few things that provide more excitement and anticipation. Every member of the family is looking forward to the day when the bundle of joy will finally arrive. But in addition to all of that is the need to make preparations.

Yes, the situation calls for plenty of preparations. There are things to buy, things to consider, and it helps if you prepare for the big day in the right way. That means having a new baby checklist to help you out. With a list, you’ll at least be reminded of things that are essential for your precious child’s arrival.

The following are some tips on what you need to put on that checklist.

  • Plan for your family. You better start making plans for the family, for your kids in particular, way ahead of time. They need to have someone who will care for them while you and your spouse are in the hospital. Prepare the things that they’ll need and let them know of the plan.
  • Make sure that your transportation is ready to go. Your car needs to be always filled with gas so that you are ready to go to the hospital any time. If you don’t have a car, then you better be ready to travel in a taxi. Check out the quality of service by hiring a can from the company beforehand.
  • Don’t forget to call in reinforcements. Family members who are willing to provide for the first few weeks would immediately come to mind. They can provide valuable assistance while you and your spouse adjust to life with your baby.

There are more things to consider for the arrival of a new child, and the above are just some of those. Baby Hampers Gifts wants to make sure that you and other parents use only the best quality products on your own little bundle of joy. We have partnered with the best suppliers in the UK to be able to offer the best newborn gifts for baby boys and girls.

Silver Baby Photo Frame

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

breastfeedingBreast milk has no substitutes. In its uniqueness as a source of nutrition for infants, there is no adequate replacement for it. Even infant formula pales in comparison to what babies can get from breast milk, according to many mothers and researchers alike.

The nutritional advantage of breast milk over anything else is the main reason why mums are encouraged to breastfeed for at least six months. Some might see it as demanding, but breastfeeding’s benefits are just too many and significant. Here are some of the most notable ones.

  • Breastfeeding helps protect your baby from plenty of diseases. Examples of disease that can be prevented include meningitis, lower respiratory illnesses, and stomach viruses. Babies that have been exclusively breastfed for a minimum of six months enjoy the best protection.
  • It can help boost your baby’s intelligence. Research shows that there is a direct link between cognitive development and breastfeeding. In a study where 17,000 infants were followed from their birth to the age of six and a half. Results showed that those who underwent exclusive breastfeeding scored higher on IQ test and similar exams.
  • Your baby will also be protected from allergies. Immune factors that are only available from mother’s milk help add a layer of protection to the intestinal tract of babies. This tract protect from allergic reactions to food consumed by your baby. It is not available in milk from cows or soya.
  • Breastfeeding also benefits moms by reducing levels of stress. Aside from that, risks of postpartum depression are also reduced. Mums enjoy a feeling of relaxation while breastfeeding their babies. In the act of nursing their little ones, the hormone oxytocin is released. This hormone helps promote relaxation while nursing.

Those are a few of the benefits of breastfeeding. At Baby Hamper Gifts, we are interested in everything that concerns proud parents and their little bundles of joy. We have some of the finest baby gift baskets and baby hampers in the UK.

The products that we offer help provide the best new baby gift experience for all our clients. Much care, love, and attention went into producing each of our items by our dedicated team of mums. So if you want to know more about what we can do for you and your little one, please call or email us for assistance.